Turn Your Existing Pool Into a River

Have Fun and Exercise Without the Stress

At Integra Pools & Spas Inc, we don't have to tell you that it is a lot of fun to have a pool in your own backyard, but caring for one can be a lot of trouble. Endless pools are a great way to get the workout you need in a smaller space and with a lot less maintenance.

The Most Trusted Pools

  • Residential endless pools
  • Commercial endless pools
  • Standalone Fastlane pools
  • Fastlane pool adapters
  • Endless pool swim spas

An Option for Every Need

We understand that everyone has a different amount of space in their backyard, along with their own unique budget. Let us help you pick a pool that meets your every need!

Is an Endless Pool Right for You?

If you primarily use your pool for exercise, an endless pool can be a huge benefit. By producing a regular flow of water, they enable you to keep a steady stroke.

Some popular options include Fastlane pool adapters, which turn your existing pool into a river on command, and the swim spa, which doubles as a large hot tub.
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